The World's Most Agile Electric Longboard That Was Built to Carve!

The Velocity Etch is a versatile Electric Mountainboard that rides like a snowboard, twists like a ripstick, can be stored in a backpack, but feels like something completely new. 

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  • Dual 1500W motors
  • 24 MPH max Speed
  • Range 12-15 MIles (Based on a 180-pound rider on flat terrain)
  • Wireless Remote
  • 44.4V 310.8wh Battery
  • Board weight 24LBS
  • 6.5-inch all-terrain wheels
  • Hill Climb 35% grade

24 MPH Top Speed/ 12-15 Mile Range

4 wheels, 2 Decks, and 1 torsion bar create a different type of ride. 

Easily make sharp maneuvers while going fast or slow, our patent-pending technology will keep you balanced and in control.

Fits in a large backpack

The Velocity Etch is perfect for on the go. Whether you are picking up groceries or at school always have a place to store your board. 

Reduce Speed Wobble And Increase Balance

Our patent-pending design decreases your chance of overcorrecting after hitting a rock or uneven terrain. 

Enjoy even more stability at high speeds by tightening the rear truck and steering with just the front. 





Light Weight Yet Super Powerful

Electric longboards are heavy and if the battery dies you are stuck dragging it home. 

Weighing only 24 pounds the Velocity Etch is built to be light yet powerful keeping you on and off the road.

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